In 2007 I was sent to India by a Berlin based agency to produce a series of Youtube clips of a mad adventurer who had built his own solar car and who was apparently on a mission to circumnavigate the world.
I had no idea of the size of the project I had stumbled upon.

2 years, 50.000km, almost 40 countries, and 200 hours of footage later, I slowly start to understand.

The mad adventurer turned out to be a likable swiss school teacher called Louis Palmer. Together with a young crew of highly motivated volunteers, he drove the so-called Solartaxi around the whole globe.

While everyone else seems to be stuck in endless debates on how to reduce CO2-emissions by a few percent, or how to deal with the disastrous effects of drilling oil underwater, Louis‘ simple little car was able to show one thing: alternative energies work.

I am happy to have been able to shoot this documentary . The light-hearted story of the Solartaxi is one that everyone in these days of change should hear about. Enjoy it.

Erik Schmitt, Director

Photos from the movie:

“When the whole world talks about climate change, it’s time to show the solutions. If you wanna know how one of these solutions is on the road for one and a half years with 6 square meters of solar power on its back, watch this film.”

- Louis Palmer